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Welcome to Inspired to Transform!

Here you will find the tools you need to get started on or support your natural Rockstar of a life!

I have been INSPIRED to TRANSFORM my life for many reasons including

o   Anxiety, Depression, Suicide and Addiction have affected my home and almost every person I know in one way or another. I love modern medicine and know that it has its place ( I am a nurse after all) but I also see that the world needs another way. A way to get to the root of the problem, and to support our emotional needs on a daily, ever changing basis.

o   Cancer has touched the lives of both of my parents and many close family members. And I see the need to eliminate the toxins in my life in order to decrease the risk of my family developing preventable diseases.

o   I love to study the connection between our emotional state and our physical health. The root of our physical problems often lies in our emotional wounds. Essential oils and energy work allow us to release emotions at their root and heal our mind, body and spirit.

o   I see the need to raise children who are EMPOWERED to take responsibility for what they put in and on their bodies. Not all diseases are preventable but it is our responsibility to prevent the ones that we can and by eliminating the cancer-causing toxins should be our first focus.

o   I know that living a vibrant life comes easier when we support our bodies with quality supplement.

o   Connecting to our purpose, intuition and a Higher Power are difficult when our bodies are screaming from pain, illness and disease.


Taking small steps each day we can heal our bodies, calm our mind and clean up our daily environment.

 Health and Wellness are multifaceted and not one single thing is a cure all. Under the Support section you will find services and tools to support you in transforming to a naturally healthy lifestyle.

For more information on how to Transform your life see the Essential oils section for educational videos, the Events section for educational trainings and the Blog for ongoing tips.

I look forward to Educating, Empowering and Inspiring you on your Transformational Journey.

Much Love,

amanda thorpe

Meet Amanda

Amanda Thorpe

Hi! I’m Amanda Thorpe, the founder of Inspired to Transform. I have been married to my sweetheart for 8 years and together we have two beautiful children. I have always loved health and helping others. I began my career in healthcare 10 years ago as a nurse.

After starting a family I saw the need to find holistic alternatives for my families health and wellness. I have watched several family members struggle with anxiety and depression for most of my life. The very first essential oils class I attended was taught by a dear friend whose family also struggled with anxiety, depression and suicide. At this time I had no clue how powerful essential oils and a holistic approach to health could be, but I KNEW that I needed to have these oils in my home.

Fast forward to 2013 and my own sweet husband attempted suicide and 5 months later entered an Alcohol and Chemical treatment program. This really set our family on a journey of discovery and transformation. Emotional balance and finding PEACE within ourselves and within our home became the most important aspect of our lives. Through this journey we have learned so much and implemented lifechanging tools and practices into our lives.

In my experience, health and wellness – both physically and mentally- are multifaceted and often require a shift in many areas of our life to be complete. By using Essential oils, mentors, meditation, daily intention, energy work and surrendering to a life of introspection we have found our lives to be full of peace and fulfillment even in times of chaos.

We know that our struggles have not been in vain. We have a strong conviction that we experience the things we do in order to learn, grow, and share our experience with others.

On a personal note:

I love all things health and wellness! I am happiest on the days that I can workout or at least be active, help someone and be with my family. Lifting weights, yoga,  and hiking are my favorite workouts. I also love camping, playing with my kids and traveling with my husband. I don’t love to cook and prepare food but I committed to learning so that I can fuel my body with the nourishment it needs. With the help of my meditation sessions I have recently found my gift of spiritual connections and helping others release emotional blockages. I always look forward to developing and learning more about my gifts.

I have an extremely introverted personality by nature but haven’t been able to fight the calling to teach and speak to larger and larger audiences in order to share my message.